Helene Charette
Natalie and Family

When my family and I moved to Sudbury, I was a little concerned, never having even visited before. We entrusted our specific needs of finding the perfect home to Helene. She not only found us a home we never thought we’d find in our price range, but became a dear and trusted friend. So much so, when we had to sell some years later, there was no question who we would once again trust our best interests in. She came through for us a second time and sold our home quickly and efficiently, always being honest with her caring and wonderfully courteous ways. When we needed questions answered, either her or her knowledgeable and fantastic assistant, Krista, would respond promptly, no matter what the time of day. Over the years in other cities, I’ve purchased and sold a few homes, but have never had the professionalism and outright, genuine care and concern we got from Helene and Krista. We valued their services so much so, that when my mother moved here earlier this year, there was no question who I’d trust her best interests in as well. Helene and Krista truly are a dream team that I would recommend to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home while maintaining peace of mind, knowing they have nothing to worry, because the best of the best is on it.

Thanks Helene and Krista!

Natalie & Family